Saturday, February 27, 2010


If you can start the day without caffeine,

If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,

If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment ,

If you can conquer tension without medical help,

If you can relax without liquor,

If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,

…Then You Are Probably The Family Dog!


May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life’s passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

TO MY MOM (written May 09)

this is something I journaled one is not finished or fine tuned yet..also in my THINGS THAT AFFECT ME BLOG..

In my older years
I long for you
just like I did back then
only now I'm closer to the end
I've faced the fact that
I'll never see your face again
or have I accepted that??
the older I get the less I cry
cause some say its your loss
I'm not so sure thats totally true

My heart thats been broken by a man
has always repaired with time
not so sure that will happen here
pretty sure a piece of my heart
will always have a void
where you should be
not so sure I understand
but guess I'm not sposed to
God gives us nothing we can't handle
so I live without you
doesn't mean I don't miss or love you
put no one above you
and hope you'll have a change of heart
before its way to late
cause once we're gone..we're gone
I'm sure I'll see you on the other side
I've loved my children in spite of you
and I've learned from you what not to do..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


You called me up on the phone today
struggling with the right words to say.
Time can change a thing or two.
Time has changed the lives of me and you,
but you know… it could have been different dad.

The word brings back a sweet memory.
I’m sitting on a bluff on a broken tree,
by my side a distinguished man
giving me encouragement, telling me I can,
and you know… you’re not there.

You say, “Son, let’s forget the past,
I want another chance, gonna make it last.”
You’re begging me for a brand new start,
trying to mend a bridge that’s been blown apart,
but you know… you never built it dad.

So I sit here through the night,
and I write myself to sleep,
and time keeps ticking…

Time has made you finally realize
your loneliness and your guilt inside.
You’re reaching for something you never had,
turning around now you’re looking back,
and you know… I’m not there.

You say, “Son, let’s forget the past.
I want another chance, gonna make it last.”
You’re begging me for a brand new start,
trying to mend a bridge that’s been blown apart,
but you know… you never built it dad.

I saw this written in a forum I was reminds me more of my mom and I...

Friday, February 19, 2010


I asked the Lord to tell me
Why my house is such a mess.
He asked if I’d been “bonanzling”,
And I had to answer ‘yes.’

He told me to get off my fanny
And tidy up the house.
And so I started cleaning up…
The smudges off my mouse.

I wiped and shined the topside.
That really did the trick…
I was just admiring my work.

I didn’t mean to ‘click.’

But click, I did, and oops I found
A real absorbing site.
That I got SO way into it.
I was into it all night.

Nothing’s changed except my mouse
It’s very, very shiny.
I guess my house will stay a mess…
While I sit here on my hiney.


Full Original Serenity Prayer
by Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life is one big road with lots of signs..
So when you riding through the ruts
don’t complicate your mind..
Flee from hate ,mischief, and jealousy.
don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision
to reality..Wake Up and LIve…..Bob Marley

Don’t trust me to show you love
when my love may be only lust
If you want somebody you can trust
trust yourself….Bob Dylan

LIFE ...(not written by me.)

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Any day I’m vertical, it’s a good day I say and I give thanks. If you ask me how are you, I’ll answer, GREAT! because saying so – I make it so, and I give thanks. When life gives me dark clouds and rain, I appreciate the moisture that brings a freshness to my being and beats against my face with gladness. When life gives me sunshine, I gratefully receive it and turn my face up towards the sun to appreciate the heat delivered upon me (I could be in the coldest part of the world). When life brings fog, I give thanks for the beauty of the unseen, and once lifted, I can truly see a part of me, where once I was held in a shadow. When life brings snow, I run outside to catch my first snowflake gracing upon my face, and sending cold shivers up and down my spine, and I give thanks. Like the weather, they come and go no matter what is my preference. For indeed there is a time for every purpose under the heaven, and every season brings its own unique blessings of beauty, and I give thanks for all. Giving thanks for life, our families, trials and tribulations is only a small part that everyone must endure. How we proceed to fulfill our thankfulness is also the way in which we choose to live. Live cautiously, live in giving and not in wanting, and live in love, as that is the most precious gift of all, and I give thanks.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

ZEKE AND MAMA written by Brenda Moultrie(me)

This is a poem I write one day while talking to my 5 year old grandson Dallas about the troll collection I had as a child..I then started missing that collection as it seems to have gotten lost in life..


Where are they?
Where did they go?
I wish I knew
but I don't know
Wish I could see them
Just to say "Hi"
matter a fact I never said, "bye"
Pieces of my past
I will never see again
But I will think of them
every now and then
I can buy another
But it wouldn't be the same
And do I give the new one
the old one's name?
Zeke was his name
and she was called mama
Good thing about them
was there was never any drama
I miss them and love them
and surely always will
hope I still remember them
when I'm way over the hill!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Long ago and far away, in a land that time forgot,
Before the days of Dylan, or the dawn of Camelot.
There lived a race of innocents, and they were you and me,

For Ike was in the White House in that land where we were born,
Where navels were for oranges, and Peyton Place was porn.
We learned to gut a muffler, we washed our hair at dawn,
We spread our crinolines to dry in circles on the lawn.

We longed for love and romance, and waited for our Prince,
And Eddie Fisher married Liz, and no one’s seen him since.
We danced to ‘Little Darlin,’ and sang to ‘Stagger Lee’
And cried for Buddy Holly in the Land That Made Me, Me.

Only girls wore earrings then, and 3 was one too many,
And only boys wore flat-top cuts, except for Jean McKinney.
And only in our wildest dreams did we expect to see
A boy named George with Lipstick, in the Land That Made Me, Me.

We fell for Frankie Avalon, Annette was oh, so nice,
And when they made a movie, they never made it twice.
We didn’t have a Star Trek Five, or Psycho Two and Three,
Or Rocky-Rambo Twenty in the Land That Made Me, Me.

Miss Kitty had a heart of gold, and Chester had a limp,
And Reagan was a Democrat whose co-star was a chimp.
We had a Mr. Wizard, but not a Mr. T,
And Oprah couldn’t talk yet, in the Land That Made Me, Me.

We had our share of heroes, we never thought they’d go,
At least not Bobby Darin, or Marilyn Monroe.
For youth was still eternal, and life was yet to be,
And Elvis was forever in the Land That Made Me, Me.

We’d never seen the rock band that was Grateful to be Dead,
And Airplanes weren’t named Jefferson , and Zeppelins were not Led.
And Beatles lived in gardens then, and Monkees lived in trees,
Madonna was Mary in the Land That Made Me, Me.

We’d never heard of microwaves, or telephones in cars,
And babies might be bottle-fed, but they were not grown in jars.
And pumping iron got wrinkles out, and ‘gay’ meant fancy-free,
And dorms were never co-Ed in the Land That Made Me, Me.

We hadn’t seen enough of jets to talk about the lag,
And microchips were what was left at the bottom of the bag.
And hardware was a box of nails, and bytes came from a flea,
And rocket ships were fiction in the Land That Made Me, Me.

Buicks came with portholes, and side shows came with freaks,
And bathing suits came big enough to cover both your cheeks.
And Coke came just in bottles, and skirts below the knee,
And Castro came to power near the Land That Made Me, Me.

We had no Crest with Fluoride, we had no Hill Street Blues,
We had no patterned pantyhose or Lipton herbal tea
Or prime-time ads for those dysfunctions in the Land That Made Me, Me.

There were no golden arches, no Perrier to chill,
And fish were not called Wanda , and cats were not called Bill.
And middle-aged was 35 and old was forty-three,
And ancient were our parents in the Land That Made Me, Me.

But all things have a season, or so we’ve heard them say,
And now instead of Maybelline we swear by Retin-A.
They send us invitations to join AARP,
We’ve come a long way, baby, from the Land That Made Me, Me.

So now we face a brave new world in slightly larger jeans,
And wonder why they’re using smaller print in magazines.
And we tell our children’s children of the way it used to be,
Long ago and far away in the Land That Made Me, Me.


“When things go wrong as they sometimes will;
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill;
When the funds are low, and the debts are high
And you want to smile, but have to sigh;
When care is pressing you down a bit-
Rest if you must, but do not quit.
Success is failure turned inside out;
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
And you can never tell how close you are
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit-
It’s when things go wrong that you must not quit.”


Only a dad with a tired face,
Coming home from the daily race,
Bringing little of gold or fame
To show how well he has played the game;
But glad in his heart that his own rejoice
To see him come and to hear his voice.

Only a dad with a brood of four,
One of ten million men or more
Plodding along in the daily strife,
Bearing the whips and the scorns of life,
With never a whimper of pain or hate,
For the sake of those who at home await.

Only a dad, neither rich nor proud,
Merely one of the surging crowd,
Toiling, striving from day to day,
Facing whatever may come his way,
Silent whenever the harsh condemn,
And bearing it all for the love of them.

Only a dad but he gives his all,
To smooth the way for his children small,
Doing with courage stern and grim
The deeds that his father did for him.
This is the line that for him I pen:
Only a dad, but the best of men

Saturday, February 6, 2010

GRANDMA 'S WORDS OF WISDOM (I am not the author)

I've traveled paths you've yet to travel
Learned lessons old and new
and now this wisdom of my life
I'm blessed to share with you
Let kindness spread like sunshine
Embrace those that are sad
Respect their dignity give them joy
and leave them feeling glad
Forgive those that might hurt you
and though you have your pride
Listen closely to their viewpoint
try to see the other side
walk softly when you're angry
Try not to take offense
Invoke your sense of humor
Laughters power is immense
Express what you are feeling
your beliefs you should uphold
Don't shy away from what is right
be courteous and be bold
Keep hope right in your pocket
It will guide you day to day
Take it out when it is needed
When its near you 'll find a way
Remember friends and family
of which you are a precious part
love deeply and love truly
Give them freely from your heart
The world is far from perfect
theres conflict and theres strife
But you still can make a difference
by how you live your life
And so I'm very blessed to know
The wonders you will do
Because you are my grnddaughter
And I believe in you..


Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take


Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy was he??


Peper Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
How many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick


A skunk sat on a stump and thunk the stump stunk, but the stump thunk the skunk stunk.

Six slippery snails slid slowly seaward.

A tutor who tooted the flute
Tried to tutor two tooters to toot.
Said the two to the tutor:
“Is it harder to toot or
To tutor two tooters to toot?”

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

The big black bug bleed black blood

Ruber baby buggy bumpers

She sells seashells on the seashore.
The shells she sells are seashells, I’m sure.

Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson

I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head;
And I see him jump before me, when I jump into my bed.

The funniest thing about him is the way he likes to grow—
Not at all like proper children, which is always very slow;
For he sometimes shoots up taller like an india-rubber ball,
And he sometimes goes so little that there’s none of him at all.

He hasn’t got a notion of how children ought to play,
And can only make a fool of me in every sort of way.
He stays so close behind me, he’s a coward you can see;
I’d think shame to stick to nursie as that shadow sticks to me!

One morning, very early, before the sun was up,
I rose and found the shining dew on every buttercup;
But my lazy little shadow, like an arrant sleepy-head,
Had stayed at home behind me and was fast asleep in bed.


If of they worldy goods
thou art bereft
save for two loaves
take thee one and sell it
and with the dole
buy three hyacinths
For thy soul...

DO NOT STAND AT MY GRAVE (not sure of title or author)


Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep
I am a thousnd wings that blow
I am the diamond glints on snow
I am the sunlight or ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn rain
When you awaken in the mornings hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
and quiet birds in circled flight
I am the soft stars that shine at night
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there ,,,I did not die..


Have you ever fallen in love but knew they did not care?
Have you ever felt like crying but knew you'd get nowhere?
Have you ever watched them walk away not wanting them to go?
and whispered "I love you" softly not wanting them to know?
You cried all night in misery and almost went insane
theres nothing in the world that causes so much pain
If I could choose between love and death I think I'd choose to die
Love is fun but hurts too much and the price you pay is high
So I say , dont fall in love you'll be hurt before its through
You see my friend I ought to know, I fell in love with you..


How often we wish for another chance
to make a fresh beginning
A chance to blot out our mistakes
and change failure into winning
It does not take a new day
to make a brand new start
It only takes a deep desire
To try with all your heart
To live a little better
and to always be forgiving
And to add a little sunshine
to the world in which we're living
so never give up in despair
and think that you are through
For theres always a tomorrow
And the hope of starting new...